2 1/4" Round Ball
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This is a new 2 1/4" diameter round ball Derlin shift knob. We've had lots of requests for this larger diameter, so here it is. Check out the picture showing the difference between the 2" and 2 1/4" versions.

It has a generous counterbore on the bottom and drilled/tapped hole which extends as deep as possible to give you the lowest possible installed height. These are not cheap universal knobs that rattle. They are a direct fit/replacement for the boring stock shift knob.  They are made from the highest quality material and are CNC machined to fit perfectly in your application. They screw directly onto the stock shift rod and tighten securely.

Shift pattern engraving is available option on the Delrin.
Specify required shift pattern at time of purchase. Available only in black at this time.

Custom engraving available upon request

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2 1/4" Round Ball

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