2.0" Diameter Delrin Hardbar With Tapered Bottom
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Introducing a new hardbar! It's an intermediate hardbar that fills the gap between the classic and oversize hardbars. We used customer feedback to give you what you wanted. We cut down the diameter a bit and increased the size of the taper on the bottom for a more comfortable feel. We also increased the counterbore depth so lower the height a bit more.

  • 2.0" in diameter
  • 3.0" long
  • Tapers down to 1.3" at the bottom
  • Counterbore on bottom, threads start 3/4" from bottom
  • 5.3 oz (150 grams)
  • Delrin material

This custom shift knob can be used with any manual transmission.  It's made from lightweight and durable Delrin (engineered polymer) material and has a specific tapped hole for your application. The shift knobs are CNC machined and glass bead blasted to produce a nice matted finish and superior grip. They really look sharp in the interior.  

You have your choice of either a black Delrin, white Delrin, yellow acrylic polymer, or red acrylic polymer. 

  • If you don't see your appication or thread size and pitch, just ask, we'll make it for you!
  • Item #: 033

2.0" Diameter Delrin Hardbar With Tapered Bottom

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