C7 Corvette 3.5 inch Delrin hardbar Shift Knob 2014-18 6 Speed
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This listing is for a 3.5" Delrin hardbar shift knob for any 2014-18 Corvette C7, including Z06 with a manual transmission.  This shift knob is designed to fit with shift boots containing the chrome ring. This is a 3.5 inch hardbar version with a flat top. The Diameter is 1.75" that tapers down to meet the shift boot ring. We designed it to fit directly to the stock shift rod and boot, just as the stock shift knob does. The overall length from the boot recess is 3.5".  Available in either black or white. The shift knob feels great in your hand as your making your way through those gears.  

These shift knobs are made from lightweight and durable Delrin (engineered polymer) material. This is a very popular choice due to it's weight/strength advantages, as well as it's ability to dissipate heat.  The shift knobs are CNC machined with precision resulting in a design that fits perfectly onto the stock shift rod.  The knobs are finished with a proprietary process which produces a nice matted finish that gives you a superior grip and really looks sharp in the C7 interior. If you would like a smooth finish instead, shoot me a note when you order and we'll custom finish it for you.

All of our shift knobs are designed, manufactured, and distributed right here in the U.S.A. by fellow Corvette enthusiasts.  They are made not only to look good, but to feel comfortable on your hand. The removal of the stock knob and installation of your new Delrin knob is a breeze. 

Stock shift knob removal

 1. Carefully remove the shift boot trim ring by turning counter-clockwise (about 1/4 turn) and pulling downward. 
 2. With the boot pulled down, remove the retaining screw that holds the knob on the shift rod.
 3. Remove the stock shift knob.

Shift knob installation is reverse as removal. If you have any questions at all please let us know

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C7 Corvette 3.5 inch Delrin hardbar Shift Knob 2014-18 6 Speed

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