Oversize Hardbar
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With this design we wanted to increase the amount of surface contact area for your hand. We made the top radii generously large, as well as, increased the overall diameter and length over the standard hardbar. Whether you want your palm to rest on top of the large radii on top, or on the side of the larger surface area, your hand feels at ease. This is a big shift knob. If you don't want a big knob, this one's not for you.

This particular design has a diameter of just under 2.0" and is about 3.4" long. The neck at the bottom is about 1.3". Just large enough to keep the shift boot tucked away on the bottom, and away from your fingers.  The top is fully rounded for a nice place for your entire palm or your thumb. We drilled and tapped the hole as deep as possible to give this a nice lowered installed height. It's CNC machined and glass bead blasted to produce a nice matted finish and superior grip.

Available in Black, white, red, and yellow Delrin, or Aluminum (satin finish)

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Oversize Hardbar

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